8“ Потопяеми сондажни помпи Franklin Electric E-Tech, серия VS

E-Tech VS Series 8″ Submersible Pumps

The E-Tech 8″ VS Series water pumps were designed specifically for municipal and industrial applications where high grade stainless steel is required. These pumps contain stainless steel impellers, a thick solid stainless steel shell to maintain alignment and heavy investment cast suction and discharge brackets. Designed to operate efficiently with Franklin Electric submersible motors, the E-Tech VS Series all stainless steel pump is equipped to handle the most demanding conditions

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8″ Потопяеми сондажни помпи Franklin Electric E-TECH, серия VS


  • Stainless steel components for durability and robustness, to increase run-time and trouble-free operation. Many design technical features make this pump range very compact and extremely reliable
  • External stainless steel sleeve to improve stiffness and assure permanent alignment of all the components
  • Motor adapter and discharge head may be removed without disturbing the impeller / diffuser stack
  • Built-in check valve and over size pump shaft
  • Very compact and extremely reliable to resist the most complex and severe conditions
  • Easy maintenance without the need of special tools


  • Capacities: up to 120 m³/h at 50 Hz
  • Head: up to 500m (50 bar) at 50 Hz
  • Maximum allowable amount of sand 100 gr/m³
  • Water temperature:
  • Minimum: -5 °C
  • Maximum: +60 °C for all versions
  • Rotation: counter clockwise when looking into the discharge
  • Pump can work continuously in vertical or horizontal position
  • Motor adapter in compliance with NEMA standard
  • Motors: see section Submersible Motors Product Overview

Available on request

  • Pump material:
  • 316 Stainless steel (N) version (DIN/EN 1.4401)
  • 904L (R) version (DIN/EN 1.4539)
  • See specified material variant in materials/fluids compatibility table on page 50 in the Product Catalog
  • Double cable guard
  • Rp 4” for I and N versions
  • Rp 6” for R version

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